400 Plastic + 400 Rubber + 5400 MW Power Factory

This factory operates with two pure oil extractors overclocked to 250%, resulting in the production of 400 Plastic and 400 Rubber per minute. Additionally, it generates 5400 MW of fuel-generated power. Two Awesome Sinks play a crucial role in sustaining the factory's operations. There's also a train station serving as the primary storage for both rubber and plastic, with a capacity of up to 9400 units for each material. You have the flexibility to modify this train station by either replacing them with regular storage containers or connecting conveyors to transport materials directly to your existing train station.

In total, there are 42 fuel generators, with six of them currently inactive. You can activate these additional generators as needed, such as when you require more power or anticipate a power outage risk. To activate them, simply access the refineries connected to these generators and switch on the power, providing an extra 900 MW of power. It's important to note that this extra power lasts for only one real-world hour, after which some of the fuel generators may stop running while waiting for materials.

Setting up the factory is straightforward. Start by providing power to the two oil extractors. The factory requires a total of 1930 MW of power to run efficiently. Once powered, the factory will operate autonomously and generate 5400 units of power as a bonus. If you want to expand the fuel generator setup, you can find more information by following the provided YouTube link, which will be posted soon.

Certain refineries connected to the fuel generators will be highlighted in yellow, indicating that they are currently inactive. However, there's no need for immediate action. Instead, simply go to the nearest power tower and inspect the production chart. If the chart displays stable production levels, there's no cause for concern. This design allows for easy expansion of fuel generators when needed.

Feel free to enjoy the setup, and if you happen to identify any issues, please don't hesitate to inform me. Also, it's crucial to emphasize that you should avoid tampering with the two Awesome Sinks or attempting to combine Plastic and Rubber into a single sink. This should only be considered once Conveyor Belt Level 6 becomes available. Thank you, and peace out!

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