Power Control Room

A small power management building designed to resemble a telecommunications exchange.

Building features 24 power switches arranged to resemble server racks, and 4 master power switches arranged in workstations to resemble a control room. The master power switches can be replaced with priority switches if needed (when update 8 is released). Use the tops of the power switches to activate them.

4 power inputs are at ground level on the west wall. 24 power outputs are at ground level on the north wall. Since the building input/output are below the floor, they can be moved to any side of the building without visible wires showing up.

When pasting this megaprint, you may want to adjust the height such that the asphalt foundations at the north are at the same height as your roads.

Modded Content

I used oversized pieces for furniture, walls and floors. There are normal sized floor pieces under the workstations and at ground level if needed.

Version History

V1.0 Initial Version

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