Forgotten Beach Storage Facility 1.1 (for GRN)

Designed to use with Global Rail Network.

Designed to unload cargo as quick as possible. No Mods, Vanilla Parts Only. Start at the small Hypertube Hub. A few signs will guide you. Connect Train Tracks.

24 Train Stations (incoming) 48 Drone Ports (configured for incoming, change easily if needed) 14 Train Stations (outgoing) 1 additional Drone Port for battery import and storage.

You can store 24 items in masses, each storage unit has 36 industrial storage containers with 3 inputs and outputs, equally distributed, no matter on which belt you bring the items in or take them out. Items will be transported to their containers without being sorted to maximize the speed of the unload process. Each Train Station (incoming) is connected to separate storage containers. Smart splitters are only used for overflow, no smart splitters are used for sorting. So be sure to bring only one sort of item to one train station or drone port. Connect the container outputs with drone ports or outgoing train stations as you like or need.

This is my very first megaprint, i hope you like it. Leave a comment if there are any questions.

  • Items count 35,295
  • Coordinates -161,410 / -215,284
  • Only paste on original location Yes
  • Categories Complete factory UPDATE 7
  • Rating
    5 / 5
  • Build version 211,839
  • Author Lubbo
  • Download (229x) Download
  • File size 1.63 MB