Turbofuel Powerplant Crater Lakes (mods)

Industrial Evolution turbofuel powerplant using alternate recipes with 100% efficiency and over 80GW of net power production.

Used mods:


  • Industrial Evolution


  • Smart Wireless Lighting
  • Conveyor Wall Hole
  • Teleporter

Highly recommended:

  • No Gas Pillars

Industrial Evolution settings changed from default:

  • Fuel Generator (MK.3) - production multiplier from 8 to 10
  • Miner (MK.4) - power consumption from 100 to 120, production multiplier from 2 to 3
  • Conveyor (MK.6) - speed from 1200 to 2000
  • Power Storage (MK.2) - storage capacity from 1000 to 500, recharge rate from 1000 to 2500

if you forget to change this settings the powerplant will malfunction

factory schema https://u6.satisfactorytools.com/production?share=se94476hwz6UKcgHAhAZ



  • Increased overclocking on sulfur miner MK.4 to 1440 /min (200%), noticed sulfur deficit in blenders.
  • Fix for previous version: just increase miner clock speed, check "belt flush" switch is ON.
  • fluid buffers changed to vanilla only
  • some pipes changed to "No Indicator" version
  • very slight cosmetic change to parking lot and train station

bug report discord DM grissom#8086

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