Rocky Desert Concrete & Metals

Rocky Desert infrastructure consisting of:

  • 108 Concrete constructors, fed from 4800pm Limestone, producing 1600pm Concrete
  • 96 Iron Ingot smelters, fed from 2640pm Iron Ore, producing 2640pm Iron Ingots
  • 24 Caterium smelters, fed from 480pm Caterium ore, producing 160pm Caterium Ingots
  • 4 Copper Alloy foundries, producing 400pm Copper Ingots
  • 64 Solid Steel foundries, producing 3840pm Steel Ingots
  • 960pm Nitrogen Gas via pipeline

The steel production is fed from 52 Iron Alloy foundries for 2600pm Iron Ingots and 2580pm Coal. If your build requires more Copper Ingots, you can repurpose the Iron Alloy foundries into Copper Alloy foundries, at the cost of having less Steel Ingots (you will also need to find more copper ore).


All resources are delivered via conveyor belts under roads, to the center of the Rocky Desert. This blueprint is designed to integrate with (although feel free to use it however you wish).


Power input is located where the final product conveyors terminate.

Modded Content

Roads use oversized pieces. The concrete factory uses rotated pieces (see images)


1.0: Initial release

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