Desert Control Rods Factory (Update 6)

Factory in the sandy desert to make Control Rods (64pm) and AI limiters (44pm surplus after control rod production). This blueprint includes:

  • 16 x Electromagnetic Control Rod assemblers
  • 20 x Stator assemblers
  • 22 x AI Limiter assemblers
  • 24 x Fused Quickwire assemblers
  • 56 x Copper Sheet constructors
  • 36 x Iron Wire constructors
  • 16 x Steel Pipe constructors


Iron, copper and caterium ingots are produced around the map and require either truck setup or long conveyors. If you choose to use trucks, fuel will be required (not supplied in the blueprint). Note that the middle copper truck station supplies the Fused Quickwire assemblers, and will need 900 copper ingots pm; the east copper truck station supplies the copper sheet constructors and will need 1120 copper ingots pm.

Steel is not produced in the blueprint, and will need to be delivered either via truck or train (there's coal in the north of the desert, and oil to the south).

You may need to either supplement the caterium ingots from another location or overclock the miner.

Modded Content:

This blueprint uses oversized pieces. The floor under the constructors are normal sized to facilitate changes (if needed). If you need to change the assembler towers, I recommend using this blueprint for a single assembler tower floor.

Version History:

  • Version 1.0: Original version
  • Version 2.0: Changed for update 5 and update 6 map. Also removed multiple dependencies on my other blueprints, to reduce complexity.
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