Used for crafting. One of the most basic parts.

  • Stack size 500
  • Crafting time 4s
  • Pieces made 3
(45 / min)
Alternate recipes

9x Alternate: Caterium Wire

(67.5 / min)

9x Alternate: Iron Wire

(67.5 / min)
Used to craft
Input Output
5x Iron Rod Iron Rod Smelter Smelter
8x Wire Wire
500x Concrete Concrete Space Elevator Space Elevator
250x Iron Plate Iron Plate
400x Iron Rod Iron Rod
1,500x Wire Wire
10x Iron Plate Iron Plate Biomass Burner Biomass Burner
10x Iron Rod Iron Rod
15x Wire Wire
3x Wire Wire Power Pole Power Pole
1x Iron Rod Iron Rod
1x Concrete Concrete
2x Wire Wire (30 / min) 1x Cable Cable (15 / min)
3x Steel Pipe Steel Pipe (18 / min) 1x Stator Stator (6 / min)
10x Wire Wire (60 / min)
12x Wire Wire (60 / min) 2x Circuit Board Circuit Board (10 / min)
6x Plastic Plastic (30 / min)
3x Iron Plate Iron Plate (22.5 / min) 1x Beacon Beacon (7.5 / min)
1x Iron Rod Iron Rod (7.5 / min)
15x Wire Wire (112.5 / min)
2x Cable Cable (15 / min)
8x Alclad Aluminum Sheet Alclad Aluminum Sheet (15 / min) 3x Battery Battery (5.625 / min)
24x Wire Wire (45 / min)
20x Sulfur Sulfur (37.5 / min)
9x Plastic Plastic (16.875 / min)
4x Iron Plate Iron Plate 1x Portable Miner Portable Miner
8x Wire Wire
4x Cable Cable
10x Iron Rod Iron Rod 1x Xeno-Zapper Xeno-Zapper
2x Reinforced Iron Plate Reinforced Iron Plate
15x Cable Cable
50x Wire Wire
5x Iron Plate Iron Plate 1x Color Gun Color Gun
80x Screw Screw
40x Wire Wire
5x Modular Frame Modular Frame 1x Xeno-Basher Xeno-Basher
2x Xeno-Zapper Xeno-Zapper
25x Cable Cable
500x Wire Wire