Cateriums's high conductivity and resistance to corrosion makes it ideal for small, advanced electronics.

  • Stack size 500
  • Pieces made 4
Alternate recipes
12x Quickwire (Alternate) (90 / min)
Used to craft
Input Output
1x Circuit Board Circuit Board (5 / min) 1x A.I. Limiter A.I. Limiter (5 / min)
18x Quickwire Quickwire (90 / min)
40x Quickwire Quickwire (100 / min) 1x High-Speed Connector High-Speed Connector (2.5 / min)
10x Cable Cable (25 / min)
6x Plastic Plastic (15 / min)
50x Quickwire Quickwire 1x Blade Runners Blade Runners
3x Modular Frame Modular Frame
3x Rotor Rotor