A more efficient alternative to Fuel. Used in Fuel Generators.

  • Energy 2MJ
  • Resource Sink Points 225
Recipes 1
Unpackage Turbo Fuel
(20 / min) 2x Packaged Turbofuel Packaged Turbofuel
(20m³ / min) 2m³ Turbofuel Turbofuel
(20 / min) 2x Empty Canister Empty Canister
Alternate recipes 2
Alternate: Turbo Heavy Fuel
(37.5m³ / min) 5m³ Heavy Oil Residue Heavy Oil Residue
(30 / min) 4x Compacted Coal Compacted Coal
(30m³ / min) 4m³ Turbofuel Turbofuel
(22.5m³ / min) 6m³ Fuel Fuel
(15 / min) 4x Compacted Coal Compacted Coal
(18.75m³ / min) 5m³ Turbofuel Turbofuel
Used to craft 1
Input Input rate Output rate Output Produced in
Packaged Turbofuel
2m³ Turbofuel Turbofuel
(20m³ / min)
(20 / min)
(20 / min)
Refinery Refinery