Slot: Hands Consumable Used to mark areas of interest. Displayed on your compass with the color and name you set for it.

  • Stack size 100
  • Resource Sink Points 320
Recipes 1
(22.5 / min) 3x Iron Plate Iron Plate
(7.5 / min) 1x Iron Rod Iron Rod
(112.5 / min) 15x Wire Wire
(15 / min) 2x Cable Cable
(7.5 / min) 1x Beacon Beacon
Alternate recipes 1
Alternate: Crystal Beacon
(2 / min) 4x Steel Beam Steel Beam
(8 / min) 16x Steel Pipe Steel Pipe
(0.5 / min) 1x Crystal Oscillator Crystal Oscillator
(10 / min) 20x Beacon Beacon
Used to craft 7
Input Input rate Output rate Output Produced in
8x Motor Motor
10x Computer Computer
50x Rubber Rubber
10x Beacon Beacon
1x Truck Truck
Object Scanner
3x Beacon Beacon
50x Screw Screw
5x Beacon Beacon
10x Rotor Rotor
1x Tractor Tractor
Electric Locomotive
10x Motor Motor
5x Beacon Beacon
5x Motor Motor
15x Beacon Beacon
Radar Tower
20x Beacon Beacon
100x Cable Cable
Rifle Cartridge
1x Beacon Beacon
10x Rubber Rubber
(3 / min)
(30 / min)
(30 / min)
(30 / min)
(15 / min)
Manufacturer Manufacturer