Mods and Issues: Aware of an issue where some refineries (about 5) do not paste properly with the blueprint tool, this is due to the mirrored mod.. you might have to replace these manually for now! (As fas I I can tell its 5 refineries making residual rubber) Three story facility that uses 600m3 of Crude oil from 1x pure and 2x normal nodes in one pipe. Entirely self sufficient once started. No waste + all belts balanced. It does not "float" on foundations + includes windows. Minimum spaghetti on belts too!

NOTE:You need the following mods for this blue print to work: Mirrored Buildings and Advanced Logistics (You can use smart splitters rather than ratio'd splitters.. however system may bakclog more readily.. )

How it works:

Crude is split pumped from basement to 20 refineries to create 800m3 if Heavy Oil Residue + 400 Polymer Resin.

Polymer Resin sent to 10 refineries to make Residual Rubber

Heavy Oil Residue is sent to 27 refineries where it is combined with water to form 1600m3 diluted fuel. (Water packaging + unpacking is split into three self contained loops so you do not need to add/remove containers at any point and belts will not get saturated.

600m3 of fuel is piped to the 3rd floor to power 36 Fuel Generators (making 5,400mw power) and to 1.5 packaging machines for packaged fuel (60 per minute) - excess is AWESOME Sunk'd

1000m3 fuel is sent to 34 refineries to produce 600/m of both rubber + plastic which are belted into a storage box + an overflow sink.

Entire facility takes no maintenance once up and running and should provide you with a healthy amount of rubber and plastic.

NOTE: You will need a lot of spare power head room to fire this baby up - about 2700mw is needed at full pelt.
Note3: This factory has over 7000 items in it. Your FPS may be a bit choppy around it.

  • Items count 8,129
  • Coordinates -34,234 / -192,969
  • Only paste on original location Yes
  • Categories Complete factory
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    3 / 5
  • Build version 136,408
  • Author Scorp
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