60GW AKW Part 1

Hello everybody

This is a 60 GW nuclear power plant with 24 power plants and everything it takes. Unfortunately, I had some problems with the first blueprint. The leading one is that I split the project in two because I can't upload the 1.5MB file. and the other is that the game crashes when the trains are copied.

As the two of you received the blueprints, you have to go under the station of the nuclear power plant and die. So you took the time to change everything and to listen. When the camps are connected you will go all the way to the top as the route to the repository must be heard. Find the area heard by the division and which you have the rails and power lines. Then you need to create a train with a trailer at the station. he's taking to commute between the two stations. Now it’s completely unstoppable. The second dividing line is after the water pumps. Find it and find electricity and rails again. Then it goes to the station to program more trains.

The back station brings the uranium pellets. It takes a train with 3 trailers. It stops at the train station and at the end of this line. A train with 4 trailers must be attached to the front station. He stops at the station on the left at the first production. He gives the non-radioactive goods. The future use 2 trailers and brings the sulfur from the stop on the right in front of the first production to the end of the line. The last train has only one car and also goes to the last station and brings the copper to the right station in production. This train will take you to the terminus. One of these stations can be found another. The uranium supplier. Again, you have to build a train with a trailer. If you've made every effort, you will receive 60 GW as a thank you Do not forget to own the warehouse under the station again when everything is up and running. By the time you've come this far, if you run out, you'll be sure to find the water supplies and the container with the fuel rods. ;-)

  • Items count 9,193
  • Coordinates 35,799 / -24,799
  • Only paste on original location Yes
  • Categories Complete factory
  • Rating
    5 / 5
  • Build version 131,382
  • Author Maquic
  • Download (73x)