Full Map Railway Network v3

Dual track and one-way stations around the map connecting the 4 starting zones as well as other significant locations. This is not meant to reach every resource node, but to provide a framework that you can connect to for easy resource distribution. Every support structure is attached to the ground via pillars. There are no "floaty" bits. You should be able to successfully route a train from any station to another provided you use the right direction. Even then, the train would likely still run the route, just going the long way around.

Every effort was made to clear any resource nodes and crash sites, but there are a few exceptions. Most notably the Caterium node at the top of the waterfalls in Grass Fields. You can delete the track blocking the miner, then place the miner and replace the track. It will clip through the miner and work fine. In most cases you can just delete the track parts, clear the area, then rebuild. There will be a number of locations where you might want to clear some vegetation. Nothing indestructible should be blocking the path of the train.

Currently the station names are all lost when pasting, so you will have to rename them to something useful. I will update the blueprint if this changes.

v2 Power issues have been fixed.

v3 A few pillars were missing and/or incomplete. All structures should now be properly grounded with pillars and foundations.

  • Items count 12,208
  • Coordinates 32,955 / -13,312
  • Only paste on original location Yes
  • Categories Tracks system
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    5 / 5
  • Build version 151,248
  • Author SkunkMonkey
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