Always want a Cool looking Nuclear Power Setup but don`t have the Time for it ?

Fear Not ! With this Blueprint you can get the Swamp into a Radioactive Death Zone with 30 Nuclear Power Plants Running on 6 Nuclear Full Roads per Minute ! But thats not all ! All the 300 Waste will Turn into another 1.5 Plutonium Full Rods per Minute and Power another 15 Nuclear Power Plants !

So at the End you will get some Cool 112 500 MWH !

The Plutonium Waste will Stored in a Building that is Safe for the Future and get you Time for 800 Hours before it gets Full, and its fully Concrete to keep Radiation as Stored as possible.

And on Top you get Power Storage for 50 000 MwH (Blueprint taken from jamesmoffatt ) too get all the cool Things Started !

Just go to the Beacon and start Everything.

All the Pipes are Empty so there shouldn`t be the Copy Blueprint Bug which Crush the Game.

Alternate Recipes that are used:

  • Alternate: Heavy Oil Residue
  • Alternate: Sloppy Alumina
  • Alternate: Electrode - Aluminum Scrap
  • Alternate: Copper Alloy Ingot
  • Alternate: Encased Industrial Pipe
  • Alternate: Coated Iron Canister
  • Alternate: Quickwire Stator
  • Alternate: Pure Aluminum Ingot
  • Alternate: Coke Steel Ingot

Oh and don`t forget the Swamp will be very very Deadly :)

(Used Color Gun Slot is 16)

  • Items count 23,474
  • Coordinates 246,261 / 58,118
  • Only paste on original location Yes
  • Categories Complete factory UPDATE 4
  • Rating
    5 / 5
  • Build version 151,248
  • Author OdinsRabe85
  • Download (440x)