this is my turbo fuled generators factory.

inputs not addad to this blueprints, u need to make inputs for crude oil and compacted coal yourself. their should be a starting amount already in it

it needs not a single power shard but the pipelines and conveyor belts can easely handle it.

the fuel generators might still have power shards in them, i dont know if the stay in it when u use this blueprint

also this is just a fraction of fuled generators that can be placed, u are free to add alot more to it.

  • the red arrow: on the images are the crude oil inputs: it needs 12x 60 crude oil

  • the green arrow: on the images is compacted coal inputs: those need 20x 18 compacted coal

  • the blue arrow: on the images is storage plastic, rubber and fabric outputs

  • the yellow section is the production from crude oil - oil residue and polymer resin.

  • the white section is the filling of empty canisters to packaged water.

  • the purple section combines packaged water and heavy oil residue to packaged fuel and unpacks the fuel into fuel of coarse and empty canisters that will be send back to the white section.

  • the red section makes turbofuel from thefuel and compacted coaland send it to the generators

  • the blue section creates plastic, rubber and fabric from the produced polymer resin that are the leftovers from the yellow section.(this depends on the power usage)

Alternate recipes Alternate: Polymer Resin

Alternate: Diluted Packaged Fuel

Alternate: Polyester Fabric

Alternate: Turbofuel


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