FUBAR's Uranium Subway

Version 1.1 Release Date March 30th 2021


A fully enclosed subway that runs predominantly UNDER the center of the map connecting all 3 normal Uranium nodes in the game.

  • Has Exits to the North, South, East and West so you can chose wherever you want to irradiate! :)
  • Miners and Stations, with Ore Buffers, are built at each Uranium node. (Stations are empty to reduce radiation in the area, when you need them, connect the belts up.)
  • All Entrances / Exits except the North are concealed within caves so they don't look too obvious. The North Entrance is tunnelled into a rockslide.
  • Trains can enter and exit from any of these points, meaning other trains will use these routes to traverse the map efficiently.

Further Details

  • Surface railway sections extend from the Gold coast beaches in the West, via a spiral & impressive Suspension Bridge to the West Entrance and the only Surface Uranium Node connection.
  • North Entrance has a large underground double spiral section, plus a 4-way junction included allowing tracks to access the Northern Forest, Crater Lakes and Pink Forest areas
  • South Entrance is through the large natural Cave opening next to the Abyssal Pit.
  • East Entrance through the cave behind the Large Swamp waterfall, this also has a 4-way junction in the Swamp included.
  • FULLY FUNCTIONAL Hypertube network runs through the subway tunnels for easy pioneer personal transportation.
  • Full power network separate from the Tracks also included.

BP includes:-

  • 4 Railway Stations (Power Load 200Mw)
  • A small concrete and Iron plate re-supply station in the Swamp area (low Power Load, will not activate when built / connected as it's containers are full).
  • 17 Hypertube entrances (170Mw Load)
  • 3x Mk.3 Miners OC'd to 250% are included on the Uranium nodes, again these have their 1-stack buffers full so won't activate when powered
  • 2x Geothermal Generators in the Swamp are connected which will help ease the pain of the above power requirements.

Not recommended to connect to your power grid until you have a reasonable Coal Power station up & running with spare capacity. Paste Location is locked to Original placement for obvious reasons.

Version 1.1 Patch Notes

  • Hypertube Entrances at the North exit were not powered, they now are.
  • Fixed bugs with a number of Double Wall Outlets in the BP causing crashes because the game had re-built the circuit weird
  • Removed the Parked Locomotive in the Subway that was used to "walk" through a terrain wall under the map & replaced it with a small Hypertube instead.
  • Build quality around the 2 Swamp Geothermal Generators improved.
  • Rating
    4 / 5
  • Build version 140,083
  • Author FUBAR_89
  • Download (872x)