Electronics factory

Electronics factory


  • Supercomputer 1,875
  • Computer 10
  • Crystal oscillator 10
  • Circuit board 15
  • High-speed connector 5
  • AI limiter 5
  • Quartz crystal 15
  • Silica 50


  • Caterium ore 206
  • Copper ore 280
  • Limestone 131
  • Raw quartz 403
  • Plastic 142
  • Rubber 167
  • Water 735

Max. consumption 2731 MW
Size 22x22 foundations

Electronics factory, which produce all types of electronic items + Quartz crystal and Silica. I tried to create factory, where from small amount of input, i will generate reasonable amount of all those product.
It is a first time, when i decided to cooperate with someone else, so i asked famous Hornslet for help with design. All credits to him for beautiful factory design! It was not easy, we tried to keep object count as low as possible and still keep it nice and functional. By this way, i want to say big THANKS to him.

Factory is plug and play, but if you just connect all inputs and power, it will stabilize itself 6-7 hours to get exact output ratio mention above. I performed a lot of test scenarios, start floor by floor, machines by machines...Best starting scenario is to connect all inputs and power, but keep output disconnected. Due to manifold and a lot of internal storages, it will take almost 3 hours, until all machines will stop working due to full internal storage. Now it is time to connect output belt, it will last few minutes, until internal buffers will be flushed and then all machines will works with 100% ratio and keep output per minute mentioned above.

As you can see from screenshot, this beast can not be build without game modification. You need to add more inventory slots. There are 3 ways:

  1. Easiest one - find your game.ini file (%appdata%\FactoryGame\Saved\Config\Windows), open it and put there these 3 lines
    Save, start game and you will have 200 slots.
  2. Use SCIM page to edit your save file and increase your inventory size to any number. - https://satisfactory-calculator.com/en/interactive-map load your save game file, click OPTIONS button, add as many slots as you want, export modified save file, load it to game.
  3. Use mod to increase your inventory size. There is a lot of mods to increase inventory size by 10, 50, 150, 300, 500... for example +150 https://ficsit.app/mod/InventorySpace3

You can contact me on discord as [SCUM]Meduza1111#0669


There are no MODS required.
Don't be lazy and rate my blueprint by clicking on stars! Other players also want to know, if this is usable, or trash. Thanks.

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