Early game Diluted fuel production

Early game Diluted fuel production


  • Water 400
  • Crude oil 150
  • Max. consumption 538 MW
  • Size 9x11 foundations


  • 400 Fuel

Most efficient fuel production in game, produce 400 Fuel from 150 Crude oil. I designed it to 150 input, because you can build 2 blueprints to fit MK.1 pipe from oil extractor. Once you will have MK.2 pipes, you can build another 2 blueprint and get 1600 fuel from one pure node.
Because it is designed as Early game, only MK.2 belts and MK.1 pipes are used. That is reason, why water input is split to 2 pipes 240+160 and also fuel output split to 240+160. If you have already MK.2 pipes, feel free to merge both sides to one MK.2 pipe.
Once you connect all resources and power, 2 constructors will start to produce empty canisters. It will last ~10mins and both constructors will be empty. You can delete them also with merger, lifts and belts. Clearly visible on image 3. Once canisters are produced, constructors are useless there. Resin is going to Sink, but if you want, you can delete also Sink and on empty space build refinery to produce plastic/rubber from resin. Just make sure, resin production is 100/min., so you need to use minimum 100/min as input to plastic/rubber refineries to not clog heavy oil residue production.
Because it is a manifold system, factory will be stabilized on 100% in 15-20 minutes.
400 fuel is enough to generate 5GW of energy.

There are no MODS required.
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