Empty building

Empty building

Nothing more, than empty building. Bottom size is 31x9 foundations. I designed this building for my new Turbofuel power plant megaprint and decided to post building as blueprint for people, who like it to download and use it.
Bottom floor is designed for train station. There is enough space for train station and 13 cargo platforms(in my case, i will have there 2 train stations, each with 5 cargo platforms. So it is up to you, how you design it). Next floor is sized for blenders(manufacturers) size machine.
Top floor is designed for refineries where top of chimney is going outside of building for better smoke effect. Another 3 floors are in tower.
You can delete roof of building and implement drone ports, if necessary.

For those, who still doesn't have unlocked enough inventory slots, there are 2 ways:

  1. install mod to extend inventory slot (there are more mods to extend your inventory) https://ficsit.app/mods?p=1&q=inventory+slot
  2. increase your inventory slots in SCIM interactive map. https://satisfactory-calculator.com/en/interactive-map Load your save game to interactive map, go to options, add as many slots as you want, export new save game and enjoy. Exported save game has different name, so your original save game file will not be touched, means no any risk.

There is one issue, which im not able to solve. Building is aligned 3 meters up from snap point. So if you need to place it in exact position, don't forget to move snap point 3 meters down. Game will freeze for 3-5sec after click on build. It is expected behavior.
I want to thanks Mido for testing and perfect feedback.

There are no MODS required.
Don't be lazy and rate my blueprint by clicking on stars! Other players also want to know, if this is usable, or trash. Thanks.

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