This blueprint is intended to work with xb1024's various blueprints. I took the geothermal power blueprint, incorporated all his factories and then built a rail network to service each of them. Including the spiral section in the middle of the map

Rail network is probably not to his standard but it suffices.

All the factories etc have been removed again so you can either put them in or you can connect the tracks together in their place.

Mods that this works with

100% credit to xb1024 This blueprint includes Spiral Rail Intersection - 18 Geothermal Generators - My rail network to link all the factories.

Compatible with Fiscit Freighter - Radio/Computer Tower - Metal Alloy Foundries - Compact Moduler Refinery Platforms - Turbo Motor Factory Desert - General Purpose Factory Grassfields - Metalworks factory - Polymer Processing Southeast -

Hope you enjoy

  • Items count 17,930
  • Coordinates 39,344 / -10,467
  • Only paste on original location Yes
  • Categories Tracks system
  • Rating
    5 / 5
  • Build version 140,083
  • Author ggoosen
  • Download (531x)