Efficient Alt Encased Industrial Pipes Production 4/min Tileable Up To 13 Modules

As title. Inputs are 60/min limestone, 42/min iron, 42/min coal. Output is 4/min encased steel beams using the alternate recipe. That is per module. All inputs and outputs are MK5 belts. Limited to 13 modules in a line, since that is the 780 MK5 limit for limestone input. Benefits are no power shards, a few machines are underclocked, so it's pretty good on power. Not the most space efficient of course, hoping for a balance of functionality and aesthetics. Can't be bothered to make separate end blueprints lol. An example of usage is shown, 10 modules for 40/min ESB.

  • Created on Sep 10, 2023, 2:26:19 PM
  • Last updated on Sep 10, 2023, 2:48:46 PM