Metalworks Factory

Support factory that produces various basic metal parts, compact row layout, ideal for establishing new sites. Production includes:

First floor - aluminum sheets (5 assemblers), copper sheets (4 constructors), cable (4 constructors), wire (11 constructors); Second floor - reinforced iron plates (5 assemblers), iron plates (14 constructors), casted screws (18 constructors); Third floor - modular frames (3 assemblers), steel rods (5 constructors), pipe (9 constructors), steel beams (9 constructors).

Requires ingot inputs via container towers at the side, outputs via conveyor holes in the front. This factory has been modified to have a flat foundation, but easy to add a basement using the repeatable floor layout.

Note: This blueprint uses the bolted iron plates recipe, which consumes more screws/plates then it produces. If you need screws more, switch back to the original reinforced plate recipe or just power off some assemblers.

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