Lubricate the Desert (9600 m^3 desert oil supply)

This blueprint draws on nearly every oil node on the map and directs it to the desert spawn point for ease of oil processing and transport.

This blueprint features the following:

  • 16 pipes (8 on each side) fully saturated with the equivalent of 1 pure oil node overclocked to 250% (600m^3)
  • The entire system is perfectly aligned to the cardinal directions (N,S,E,W)
  • Draws from each of the 5 main oil deposits on the entire map
  • Entire system has walkways on either side of the main pipeline artery for ease of access to all pipes
  • Elevated way above the ground for ease of base integration
  • When each pipeline artery goes down to a deposit it has walkway ramps down to the ground floor
  • Minimal footprint for both the entire system and the node gathering spots
  • Just plug it into your power network and it will start going (all pipes should already been full)


  • All pipelines and pipeline pumps are mk.1 but can be easily upgraded if you wish.
  • Upgrading the pipelines to mk.2 should still keep them fully saturated or very close to it.
  • All powerpoles are mk.1


  • Each branch off of the pipeline artery for another deposit gathering spot is fully connected to the hypertube highway system
  • Each entrance for the hypertube highway is a walk up and go entrance.
  • Each exit to the hypertube highway will not cause any damage upon exiting.
  • All deposit gathering spots also include a vertical up/down hypertube to get down to ground level and back up to the top of the artery.
  • With this system you will be able to go anywhere on the pipeline artery without having to walk anywhere (except at junction points to decide which direction you want to go).

The system is vertically aligned with the blueprint "9600m³ North-East desert water supply" so its output spot will be at the same vertical height as this blueprint's output spot.

  • Items count 17,902
  • Coordinates 29,698 / -5,018
  • Only paste on original location Yes
  • Categories Pipes system
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    5 / 5
  • Build version 138,516
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