9-3/4 Hyperloop Cannon

This is my proudest Cannon yet. 100% Consistency, high launch angle, negligible spin up time. I dub it the 9 and 3/4 cannon because the mechanics behind it's functioning are on a "don't ask don't tell" basis. It may be ugly, but it sure is functional. I am in the process of replacing my pre-existing cyclotron cannons for these, it's just too good.

As of writing this, the time is 2:19 AM. I have been working on perfecting cannons for a long time, and I am very happy with the results. A compact and energy efficient cannon with 100% consistency is a dream come true for me, who obsesses over solving minute ridiculous problems. Conveniently runs on a single biomass burner for portable, pocket-able cannons. You can pretty easily swap out the existing high-angle exit for a low angle one and glide across the planet, but I more enjoy the flexibility of a high-angled launch. Enjoy this dumb little toy, friends.


  1. Turn off fog w/ r.fog 0
  2. save your game, if you feel like it (not as necessary as with cyclotrons)
  3. slide into submergered Entrance
  4. Enjoy the ride!