Radio/Computer Factory Tower

10 level factory tower producing radios and computers. Featuring:

Level 10 constructors: Iron Plate x 32, Iron Screw x 16, Iron Rod x 16; Level 9 constructors: Copper sheet x 64; Level 8 constructors: Wire x 32, Copper sheet x 10; Level 7 constructors: Caterium Wire x 8 for Cable x 16; Level 6 Atrium constructors: Quartz Crystal x 16; Level 5 assemblers: Heat Exchanger x 8, Cheap Silica x 13, Reinforced Plate x 10; Level 4 assemblers: Fused Quickwire x 16, Silicon Circuit Board x 13, AI Limiter x 2 Level 3 manufacturers: Oscillator x 16 Level 2 manufacturers: Oscillator x 4, Computer x 8, Network Card x 3, Supercomputer x 1 Level 1 manufacturers: Radio x 8, Beacon x 4, unused x 4

The base of the tower is an inverted pyramid to elevate it above the terrain, and also contains the storage and logistics (delete the base if you want the entrance at ground level, and you have the available clearing). Each level is 14 by 14, with a 4 by 4 vertical shaft through the middle.

The factory can be placed anywhere, however this particular blueprint is located in the east swamplands and leverages the available quartz/copper resources of the area. You may wish to alter recipes based on what you have access to and available resources.

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