Swampland Infrastructure/Resources (Update 6)

Developed swampland map to support a medium to large factory, producing:

  • 1200 Iron Ingot per minute
  • 2880 Copper Ingot per minute (up to 128 pm is used for batteries)
  • 240 Caterium Ingot per minute
  • 960 Steel Ingot per minute
  • 1056 Aluminum Ingot per minute (up to 256 pm is used for batteries)
  • 450 Rubber per minute (Can be reconfigured for plastic or fuel)
  • 192 Batteries per minute

Power input is under the truck station platforms.

Resources are delivered to a central point in the swampland (where the roads converge). The batteries, rubber and 160 pm of caterium is delivered via truck. To produce Aluminum and Batteries, you will also need https://satisfactory-calculator.com/blueprints/index/details/id/1273/name/Quartz+Hill+Factory for the silica (delivered via rail).

You may also be interested in my swampland factory for update 6 https://satisfactory-calculator.com/blueprints/index/details/id/206/name/Radio%2FComputer+Factory+Tower+%28Update+6%29

Modded Content

Please note that I use oversized pieces in this blueprint

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