21.36 gW Turbine Spire

Someone once questioned Joseph Stalin about the lesser quality of the T34 as compared to German tanks. His response? "Quantity has a Quality all it's own..."

With that in mind I present for your approval the Turbine Spire. 21.36 gW of power generation with 7.5 gWh power storage.

Only one Mod needed : https://ficsit.app/mod/JustTurbines

712 Sevonius Turbines 75 Power Storage units, fully charged for 7.5 gWh backup power And there might be some trinkets I accidently left in the storage units. Total of 21.36 gW Can be placed on a 3x3 foundation grid if you remove all the catwalks, and the googaws on the first floor. 4x5 footprint otherwise.

Approximate Location: 262,336, -120,410

Special thanks to LaylBongers Creator of the Just Turbines Mod Without whose efforts this blueprint wouldn't be possible.

My first submission... Be gentle.