Massive Storage x76 (10 Belts Input and Output)

A massive central storage with 76 containers, sorting system, overflow, and 10 belts Input and Output (each). The design is inspired by a central storage by KalunoGaming (Shout out to him/her). The storage has a diameter of 23 platforms so the 12th would be the middle one. Put Z Offset to -900 to get the entrances on the height of your platform. Proposal for improvements and opinions are welcome. Especially about the output system ... I'm not 100% happy with that. On the top floor you could make an entrance for explorers and tractors on the left and the right side so you can access it by car.

  • Items count 10,246
  • Coordinates -53,697 / 238,276
  • Only paste on original location No
  • Categories Architecture UPDATE 5
  • Rating
    5 / 5
  • Build version 188,609
  • Author Rhano
  • Download (369x)