Z3d HyperCanon Hub Station

This blueprint has been made to be paste on original location. All the Geothermal power of the map is connected to the Main station hub at the center of the world. Each canon have their own electrical circuit powered by a series of Power Storage that need to be charged up by the Geothermal circuit prior to be used. Once charged and have enough 'running time' to safely travel to your destination, turn the control switch off to preserve the power in the system. 8 station are available in each direction of the map. All color coded with the firs 8 swatch of the customizer. Each station hold a Power Storage of 2900 Mw for a total of 23 300 Mw all together. They can manually be isolated at the top of the Hub Station. Each station also hold some supply on the first floor to help building a new base around the area. The middle of each tower have been left empty on purpose to let you decide what to put in there. Prepare to be zooped to the other end of the map in sec! no mod, made in early access. youtube video how to operate is available.

  • Items count 31,322
  • Coordinates 46,531 / -22,223
  • Only paste on original location Yes
  • Categories UPDATE 5
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  • Build version 188,609
  • Author Z3dmaker
  • Download (180x)