All geothermal energy + battery

It's a small overhaul of the basic cbp geothermal energy (update 4) I added a battery to each location to smooth out the production.

At the beginning I had only put one battery per geothermal spot. From now on I have adapted their number according to the variation and the purity.

50-150: 1 battery (which fills in the missing 75 when the geo is at its lowest) 100-300: 1 battery (fills in missing 100 when geo is lowest) 200-600: 2 battery (which fills in the missing 200 when the geo is at its lowest)

Example with a geo at 200-600. The average value is 400. Between 401 and 600, geo charges the battery. When the geo is between 200 and 399, the battery takes over to fill the gap and equalize at 400. Thus, a pure geo will always give you a constant 400MW, thanks to the batteries connected.

I doubled the batteries (1/2/4) to be able to take a temporary peak in the use of your factories.

Which means concretely, instead of having 4500MW on average (2250 at the lowest, 4500 on average) you have, with the batteries on site, an ability to hold on to a peak of 6750MW (not including the buffer of additional batteries) for a short time before the batteries need to be recharged naturally by the geothermal cycle.

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