This is my fist Circular Storage Tower.

  • Room for 35 different items (two stacked industrial containers per item)
  • Mk.4 belt speed
  • Sorted (clockwise) in german alphabetical order
  • Smart sorting (bottom input)
  • Awesome Sink on top

Hint: The conveyor lifts between the bottom and top containers are not placed yet, so that the bottom containers fill up. Connect the Lifts if you want to fill the top containers first / to extend storage.

It is originally built using the global grid (onto Z 80).

Bottom is 7x7 in size, extending to 9x9 at the top.

My builds don't include the bottom floor - place it on an existing foundation structure (7x7 at minimum)

(Work in Progress)

Have fun using / optimizing it. :)

  • Items count 2,343
  • Coordinates 172,709 / -142,400
  • Only paste on original location No
  • Categories Architecture UPDATE 5
  • Rating
  • Build version 186,638
  • Author valux
  • Download (462x)