Modular Highway/Subway Segment (less sidewalks) - T(rumpet) Segment (Very large)

*****Current notes: If attaching to a regular size section, which is probably the case, you will have to adjust the attachment point forward 14 spaces (accounting for the intended direction) to account for this segment's increased width.

Many thanks to AnthorNet for inspiring me to do this by posting his own subway system and for actually helping me figure out some trickier features of the SCIM. I was building a network using his pieces and I still use them frequently, but sometimes I want a system that's thinner so it can fit through tighter spaces. That goal is achieved in this blueprint by building the system with only the one internal sidewalk and no external sidewalks.

This is a repeatable section for road systems with an underground subway rail system and comes with foundations for pasting the next or previous sections. This particular intersection is a T intersection, which I then attached a straight section to each side of. Finally, I modified the railway system so that it has an above ground Trumpet interchange and the train cars can turn in any direction without blocking other paths. I tested for clipping and haven't seen any yet. Block signals are available in the middle of the section for the trains and path sections are before each turnoff. This section has 27 street lights and every corner of the piece has a power connector on the outside making them easy to daisy chain to the next section. All of the power connectors are double-sided and connect to the interior and underneath lighting through the concrete. I took the liberty of daisy chaining the middle T section internally so the wires are hidden.

Paste the section, and then connect the tracks. Connect one of the power connectors to an external power source if this is your first piece, or daisy chain it to the previous if you're building a large network.

Afterwards, delete the red foundations used to place the blueprint correctly.

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