Uranium Railway Supplementary

This is a supplementary blueprint for https://satisfactory-calculator.com/blueprints/index/details/idU/158/user/xbb1024/id/1231/name/Uranium+Cell+Railway, for producing required components of Uranium Fuel Rods. Consists of 3 factory sites connected by rail, can either connected to my uranium subway or extend directly to your nuclear plant. Train 1 transport beams, control rods, copper, heat sinks. Train 2 transport aluminium, caterium, quartz oscillators, beacons.

Lake Forest:

  • 16 x Steamed Copper Sheet refineries
  • 8 x Steel Ingot foundries
  • 12 x Steel Pipe constructors
  • 19 x Quickwire constructors
  • 12 x AI Limiter assemblers
  • 16 x Stator assemblers
  • 14 x Control Rod assemblers
  • 8 x Fused Wire assemblers
  • 5 x Alclad Aluminum Sheet assemblers
  • 4 x Heat Sink assemblers

Titan Forest:

  • 4 x Sloppy Alumina refineries
  • 4 x Aluminium Scrap refineries
  • 24 x Pure Aluminium Ingot smelters
  • 6 x Caterium Ingot smelters
  • 3 x Water Extractors

Southern Forest:

  • 5 x Pure Quartz Crystal refineries
  • 6 x Steel Ingot foundries
  • 5 x Copper Alloy foundries
  • 4 x Steal Beam constructors
  • 1 x Steel Pipe constructor
  • 6 x Cable constructors
  • 6 x Iron Plate constructors
  • 6 x Fused Wire assemblers
  • 6 x Stiched Iron Plate assemblers
  • 3 x Crystal Beacon manufacturers
  • 12 x Crystal Oscillator manufacturers

This blueprint was separated from my Uranium Cell Railroad blueprint because it produces lower tier components, and you probably already produce these components in your existing factories (if you are now at the nuclear stage).

Note 1: Please combine the outputs of the quartz miners if you are also using my Uranium Cell Railroad (or add another miner if you are not).

Note 2: Version 1.01 (current) of this blueprint has fixed some train signal issues at the Lake Forest site. If you downloaded an earlier version and are having issues with train signals, just replace the block signals at the Lake Forest intersection (in the second screen shot) with path signals.

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