This my secondary plant to produce screws. It uses the "Alternate: Cast Screw" which creates screws from iron ingot. The factory has two lines fed from three normal iron ore resources. I chose this location because I use the blueprint from SkunkMonkey for the Full Map Railway Network U5 v1.1 - there is a train station very close that you can use to distribute the screws.

This factory is overclocked using Mk 3 miners. Two minors overclocked to 600 pc/min and the third to 380 pc/min. This keeps the flow at 780 pc/min for the Mk 5 conveyor belts.

The miners feed two lines of 8 smelters overclocked at 75 pc/min with an additional three overclocked at 60 pc/min.

The production of screws is handled by two lines of 8 constructors overclocked at 97 pc/min (194%). The two lines feed into four storage containers to hold the overflow between train pickups or other ways you may distribute the screws.

On the right side of the building is single power point that feeds the whole building. (Again recommend SkunkMonkeys train stations as you can run power from there) There are two export conveyors on the front of the building. This factory is producing 776 screws /min on each line for a total of 1,552 screws / min.

There are additional iron mines close by if you wanted to expand.

Let me know if you find any issues. Happy building.

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