Blueprint footprint: 35x28 foundations

Automatic sorting storage with 48 total storage slots in two levels for parts from automated production.

4 incoming MK5 belts from production lines getting separately split into two lines according to the item allocation of the storage levels (presorter)

After splitting, the belts get compressed into 2 belts per storage layer, delivering the items to the storage containers. overflow is sent to sinks to keep the storage operational.

"Unuseables" (raw resources, ingots,...), unsinkable items as well as items that programmable splitters can not handle are filtered out at the presorter and sent to secondary sorting, where any unsinkable or unsortable items are sent to a dedicated container and the rest to a sink.

completely built with programmable splitters and pre programmed.

Additional inventory dump/recycle function:

  • 2 "inventory dump containers"
  • 1 pioneer equipment container
  • 1 consumables container for nuts, berries, bacon and mycelia
  • 1 storage container for alien organs/carapace
  • 1 storage container for medicinal inhalers

you can dump your whole inventory including any equipment into 2 dump containers.

equipment, consumables, alien drop materials and power shards will be filtered out and sent to one of the above mentioned containers.

Slugs, wood, leaves, biomass and flower petals will be filtered out and sent out for automated processing. The slug processing is included in the blueprint, complete with sending power shards back to the pioneer equipment container. Biomass processing needs to be built separately, with solid biofuel and color cartridges being sent to one of the 4 storage inputs. Anything else is fed to the presorter.

any nuclear material aside from raw uranium and the two fuel rods will end up in the dedicated container for unsortables.

Feel free to drop any feedback or comments on the Feedback Thread i posted on reddit:

  • Items count 4,455
  • Coordinates 220,428 / -203,844
  • Only paste on original location No
  • Categories UPDATE 5