House on the Rock

Inspired by the real House On The Rock in Wisconsin, but done Satisfactory Style, this beautiful and insanely spacious property with high-gloss coated concrete flooring throughout rests on a high rock pedestal in the southwest of the Satisfactory world. You'll find a rare and desirable parcel incorporating lush vegetation around and even inside parts of the home.

Surrounded by the leafy canopy of the Western Dune Forest, the liar (er) - home is just a short drive or train ride to your area factories. Enjoy 360° views of the lush Grass Fields, the spectacular water falls of No Man's Land, beautiful Gold Coast beaches, and the intrigue of distant places like the Red Bamboo jungle, Titan Forest, and the Lake Forest district.

A breathtaking cantilevered peninsula room with glass floors will be the highlight for daring guests. Amenities include large kitchen, three large bedrooms, a super-sized great room, and many railed balconies where your guests can survey your dominion, marveling at what you've built with your own two hands and a build gun. Includes power lines and hyper tubes to the property and a fully charged, on-site power storage unit.

Originally built by the maker of a famous-brand glass cleaner in Update 3, there is ample glass letting natural light flow throughout the home. The original owner has replaced most mod components with U5 vanilla parts. A few mod items remain that should gracefully disappear if loaded into a vanilla game. Tasteful decorations from D4rkL0rd's Structural Solutions and SS EXP1, and Aquilas Decorations and Smoke & Fire mods convey with the property.

Asking price: Absolutely free with thanks to Anthor for hosting the content on this site.

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