Hydrorig - Updated

Based on the Hydrorigs in the film Oblivion. This is an empty factory to fill the interior with production and is an updated version of my previous blueprint (Hydrogrig 15x15).

Main Features:

  • Built in train station (New)
  • Wider central column to feed resources up through the base (New)
  • Concrete foundations (New)
  • Can be placed almost anywhere due to the 3x3 footprint
  • Uses all vanilla parts - the only mod used was Micromanage to rotate 8x2 Foundation Ramps and windows (the angled exterior walls)
  • Does not require any mods to be run

This goes with the Sky Tower blueprint in keeping with the Oblivion theme.

  • Items count 4,630
  • Coordinates 303,206 / -162,134
  • Only paste on original location No
  • Categories Architecture UPDATE 5
  • Rating
    5 / 5
  • Build version 176,027
  • Author STONEC_369
  • Download (174x)