Dune Desert Bunker

Everyone needs an underground Bunker fit for a James Bond Villain right?!

Update 5 added a cool new Pit into the Dune Desert (Thanks Hannah & team!) I put a circular concrete base inside it & a domed roof over the top to make it look like a secret Nuclear Bunker! It has been deliberately designed to look a bit sinister & to be as low-profile as possible, you wouldn't know it's there until you nearly at the front door :)

This is perfect if you want to start a new save in the dune desert and you want somewhere to call home from the outset. (Look for the "Truck Icon on the compass at the top of the screen to find the base!) And... it comes with it's own modest 1.3GW power grid to help ease the grind of dealing with Biomass Burners in an empty desert.

  • World Grid Aligned - Yes!
  • ALL Vanilla build pieces - No mods needed
  • The base is big enough for early game, or some basic production lines, I keep FICSMAS locked up in here (hence the tree!)
  • Multiple construction levels suitable for the game's smaller machines (everything up to assemblers will fit nicely in limited quantities), all accessible on foot via ladders & walkways
  • 3x Mk.3 miners already built on the Copper, Iron and Limestone nodes UNDER the dome!
  • 1x Large vehicle entrance complete with a free Truck!
  • 3x other Pioneer entrances at different directions, plus conveyor inputs on the east side, near the coal nodes
  • The 2 future cave entrances, one at the bottom of the pit, one outside have been preserved & enhanced with construction detail (see pics)

  • Small dedicated coal Power station supplying the bunker with 1.365GW of power, more than enough for early game.
  • Power station is down the cliffside, to keep it as hidden as possible from view.
  • The Coal miner and water extractors are hooked up to their own power supply so you never need to worry about tripping these out. DON'T TOUCH this smaller power grid!

  • The Giant FICSMAS Tree can easily be removed if you wish, however bear in mind, i've used a mod to make this just a little bit bigger than normal, so if you want to rebuild it, it'll be smaller when you do.

Version 1.2 - Upload date 12th Dec 2021

Extra notes:-

There will be 1 small spitter inside the Bunker near the iron miner, you'll have to kill it when you 1st get there.

IMPORTANT!! for some reason for the power to work properly, you need to delete and rebuild the following 3 wires

  1. Go to the power station East of the Bunker - after you've climbed down the stairs, rebuild the wire between the 1st coal generator and it's power pole, this fires the whole grid into life.
  2. Inside the dome, on the small platform next to the parked truck - Between the power switch and the input of the controller for the roof lights
  3. Between the output of the roof light controller and the power connector on the ceiling above it
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