The Orb of Resurrection

816 batteries bound by chains that store and release 81,600MWh upon a power outage. This should keep even the largest of factories running until they can be troubleshot.

The Orb of Resurrection is designed to look as if it is affected by gravity. As such, is fully suspended by cables between 3 suspension towers and held overhead by a large crane.

The crane features a SkyBridge for exceptional viewing that also doubles as a Factory Cart track.

(All painted fixtures on the orb are tied to pain gun slot #12 - if you wish to mimic this color scheme it is: R0/G179/B255 - R255/G0/B0)

Main Features:

  • No Mods Needed
  • All towers are fully accessible.
  • SkyBridge
  • Factory Cart
  • Rating
    5 / 5
  • Build version 159,365
  • Author Abomarok
  • Download (169x)