Global Monorail Network

A comprehensive, dual-track global monorail network connecting most major biomes, consisting of 33 train stations and using a total of 1650 MW (without trains). The network follows the world's natural roads for a realistic and aesthetic use of rail lines, rather than direct "skyrails". The use of natural roads has the added benefit of reducing the interference of support pillars with resource node access. The dual track is spaced with a one-foundation gap along the majority of the network, with a median support pillar height between 16 to 20 meters. All support pillars are grounded. The low height and natural pathing of the tracks should minimise clipping with existing factory builds, but the tracks can be easily changed. Intersections in this build may require more effort to reposition. The train station layouts are based on Amelie of the Sea's layouts. The first station each train station outpost (apart from the Red Bamboo Cave) is designated as the passenger access or player access (PAX) station (original idea by ScanVoice and promoted by Captain Kankra), and consists of empty platforms. The benefit of a PAX station avoids accidentally mixing transported building materials into the item network. Each train station in the network connects to every other train station. As the blueprint does not maintain station names, PAX stations will need to be renamed as such. The monorail network and station location was built in consideration of already advertised changes coming in Update 5. While update 5 will introduce signaling and collisions, side-on collisions are eliminated in this build through the used of "trumpet" T-intersections "turbine" crossroads. Rear-end collisions will continued to occur until Update 5 is released. All vegetation was preserved in this build, with tree clipping reduced as much as possible, but clipping of trees in some of the more heavily vegetated areas was unavoidable. This can be rectified by simply removing the clipping vegetation. The monorail network is currently left-hand drive, but this can be changed to right-hand drive by changing the first train station platform with the last platform, reversing the yellow direction arrow of the station. This blueprint will be updated if affected by Update 5, especially for the parts of the network in the Northern Forest of Spire Coast.

  • Items count 17,022
  • Coordinates 34,207 / 3,153
  • Only paste on original location Yes
  • Categories Tracks system
  • Rating
    5 / 5
  • Build version 159,365
  • Author DrHydra
  • Download (864x)