Silicon Circuit Fabrication

Facility producing Silicon Circuit Boards (400 pm) and Silicon High Speed Connectors (24 pm), in the quartz fields north of the swamp. Factory consists of:

  • Copper Sheet Constructors x 88
  • Cheap Silica Assemblers x 45
  • Fused Quickwire Assemblers x 8
  • Silicon Circuit Board Assemblers x 32
  • Silicon High-Speed Connector Manufacturers x 8

The facility also features a power room for individually controlling each product line, a truck loading dock at ground level and drone port on the roof, storage towers for circuit boards and high speed connectors. The wider area includes extractors for quartz, limestone and caterium.

Note that this blueprint does not include production of copper (you will need to produce 2030 copper ingots pm, I have another blueprint that produces copper alloy).

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